EA Working Hard On SimCity, Offering Free Game For Your Troubles

by Kyle Hilliard on Mar 09, 2013 at 04:13 AM

Electronic Arts and Maxis have been having some trouble with SimCity. More players than expected are playing the game, servers are getting overloaded, and people can't log on to play. In response, EA is offering free games, and doing what they can to get the game up and running.

In an update on EA's blog, Lucy Bradshaw, general manager for the Maxis label, outlined some of the fixes EA is currently pursuing. And in an attempt to regain some goodwill, EA is offering a free game to SimCity players. On March 18, e-mails will be sent out to players who have activated SimCity with instructions on how to get their free downloadable game. It sounds like players will be able to choose from just about anything in EA's library.

As far as fixing SimCity, Bradshaw says that server capacity has increased by 120%, and disrupted experiences have dropped by 80%. It's still not the fully functional game it should be, but EA is working on it.