Developers Can Begin Uploading Games To Ouya App Store

by Matt Helgeson on Mar 07, 2013 at 02:22 PM

In a new blog post, Ouya's Kellee Santiago informed developers for the Android console system that they could begin to upload games to the Ouya app store to ensure they are available on the system's March 28 ship date.

Santiago wrote, "Devs, as of today, any game you upload to Ouya on http://devs.ouya.tvwill be available for real on Ouya when units start to ship on March 28. This means the games you have in the store after today will be in gamers' hands when they receive their Ouya units - starting first with our Kickstarter backers, and continuing on through June when we launch to anyone and everyone who wants to get Ouya."

She also revealed that the company would be creating short documentaries on the stories behind the development of the games that become most popular with Ouya owners. Santiago said, "We will take the top three games (by total gamer time spent playing during the first six weeks that Ouya is in gamers' hands), and... make you famous! Ouya is investing in a series of short documentaries to tell developers' stories. We want to share your process, ups and downs, everything that goes into making the thing that you love - and that game we love to play."

Source: Ouya via Joystiq