Battlefield 3 Strikes Again With End Game Launch Trailer

by Ben Reeves on Mar 05, 2013 at 11:17 AM

Yesterday EA gave us a glimpse of Battlefield 3's new DLC entitled End Game with a look at some screens. Now we've got a whole trailer, which is like looking at a moving image. Our ancestors would be stunned.

End Game adds a few new locations, a new dirt bike, and lightweight AA vehicles. Capture the Flag and Air Superiority game modes also make a return. Check out the trailer:

Here's a recap of the release dates. Check the screens out here.

  •     PlayStation 3 Premium members: March 5
  •     Xbox 360 and PC Premium members: March 12
  •     PlayStation 3 players: March 19
  •     Xbox 360 and PC players: March 26