reader discussion

Weekend Warrior 3/1/13

by Louis Garcia on Mar 01, 2013 at 01:00 PM

The first of March transitions quickly to the weekend, and there will be plenty of gaming going on. One editor is playing Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien, while others are going back to games they haven't enjoyed in a while.

Kayla Herrera: After writing my feature on Alice: Madness Returns, I plan on reinstalling it on my laptop and playing through it again. I love a good, whimsical journey into the mind of a madwoman. 

Ben Hanson: This weekend I'll continue zoning out to podcasts and playing Runner 2 on my Wii U. It's nice to play that thing, even if the battery life of the Game Pad repeatedly cuts off my playtime. Oh, and that game is great. Other than that, I'll probably continue playing Starcraft 2's campaign and whatever else floats my way. Have a good weekend!

Kyle Hilliard: My family has officially moved from our old home, and we now live in a cardboard box fort inside of our new home. This weekend, I hope to play a video game. Outside of mobile distractions, I have not been able to play a game for personal gratification for quite a while. The TV is set up, and the Xbox is plugged in though, so the only thing in my way is exhaustion. Otherwise, I will still be unpacking.

Jeff Marchiafava: Once again, last week’s plans went off the rails; while I managed to put a couple of hours into FTL, a weekend screening of Dredd got me in the mood for blowing up a bunch of crap in a science-fiction setting. Solution? Red Faction: Guerrilla. I was about 75 percent through the game when I got sidetracked by other games back in 2010 and never went back to it. After a rough relearning phase last weekend, I was back to razing huge buildings with my trusty sledgehammer (and a rocket or two… or 10). This weekend’s plans include a little more FTL, and a lot more Guerrilla. More games need physics-based destruction!

Matt Kato: Undoubtedly going to spend some time on FIFA 13 again this weekend, mainly in some of the various online modes. Of course, online play is its own ecosystem with its own vagaries and styles of play. I've never been a huge online player, so this will be me more acclimating myself to everyone's tricks of the trade as much as it will be about winning. I also have it in my head to get better at my free kicks on goal. There are always those times in a game's lifecycle when I rediscover my love for it in a new way, whether that's exploring a new mode or refining my gameplay. It's always nice when you can say that about a title you've spent your hard-earned money on.

Louis Garcia: After convincing Kato to join my FIFA 13 Pro Clubs team, I think some more online soccer may happen this weekend. After his performance in our first two games I’d say we signed a great player – I just hope he doesn’t become a wantaway midfielder seeking a bigger and better club because to be honest, most seasons we’re in a relegation battle. Seriously – we make the English Premier League’s Queens Park Rangers look like Manchester City. Other than that, I will play some pick-up soccer and hope my knee doesn’t get too sore. If it does, I always have Battlestar Galactica waiting for me.