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Weekend Warrior 2/22/13

by Louis Garcia on Feb 22, 2013 at 01:00 PM

With a snowstorm covering Minnesota in white powder, it's a good weekend to stay in and play video games. Our editors will do just that this weekend, except for one who's tasked with moving.

Ben Hanson: This weekend I might try playing Ni no Kuni for a while longer. I'm not hooked yet, but it might just be that I'm not in the mood for an RPG. I'll most likely continue playing the Starcraft II campaign (as it is still brilliant), and I have Crysis 3 waiting for me on my PC. Good times. Have a good weekend!

Jeff Marchiafava: After failing miserably to get back into Far Cry 3 the past few weekends, I plan to switch my focus to a platform I rarely spend time with: PC gaming. I picked up FTL last week while it was on sale, and will also be playing more of The Bridge, a mind-bending MC Escher-esque puzzle game. Yay for indie games!

Kyle Hilliard: I'm moving, which is not fun. If anyone wants to help, by the way, I'm taking volunteers.

Kayla Herrera: Seeing as I finally used my months-old, 2000-something Microsoft Points on Silent Hill HD Collection (works great, by the way), I will be spending the weekend reliving the glory days playing Silent Hill 2, late at night with the lights turned off, and the volume cranked. Here’s to a weekend of nightmares!

Louis Garcia: I’m excited to continue watching Battlestar Galactica this weekend. I’m on the final episode of season two. If I get to play anything, it will most likely be 2002 FIFA World Cup for the GameCube. After watching a video showcasing the past 35 years of soccer video games with Matt Kato, I feel like revisiting some of the footy titles from my youth.