PlayStation 4

Sony Unveils New Racing Game: DriveClub

by Matt Miller on Feb 20, 2013 at 12:10 PM

Team based racing takes center stage in the new PS4 title from Evolution.

DriveClub aims to let players drive cool cars in awesome locations, but DriveClub’s centerpiece feature is the option to play with other teams. Players will join clubs and compete to complete challenges to rise to the top. 

Players are able to craft their own race challenges by setting the weather, time of day, locations, and more features, and then send out that challenge to other players. 

The game focuses on a first person view of the cars, with an attempt to perfectly replicate the real-world details of the original cars. Objects on the car are so detailed that even the suede carpets in the cars change their visual experience after they are touched. 

Once you get into the car, players play the game in a first person perspective that aims to replicate the true experience of driving some incredibly fast cars. 

Check out the game in action: