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PlayStation 4

First Details Of PlayStation 4 Controller Revealed

by Jeff Marchiafava on Feb 20, 2013 at 12:18 PM

During the PlayStation 4 reveal, Sony showed off the newest incarnation of its controller, the DualShock 4. We have a full breakdown of what we know so far.

Many of the new controller's features line up with the rumored images that leaked prior to the announcement. Here's what we noticed:

The biggest addition to the new DualShock is the touchpad, which sits between the D-Pad and face buttons. While the controller looks very similar to the leaked images, outlets speculated that the interactive pad was a touchscreen, capable of displaying graphics. It now appears to be more like the touchpad on the back of the PlayStation Vita.

Analog sticks:
Unsurprisingly, the dual analog sticks remain in the same position as Sony's previous controllers. The new controller's sticks have rims around their edges, which should make them easier to grip than the DualShock 3's convex tops. There also appears to be more space between the analog sticks, which should prevent thumb collisions when tilting them towards one another.

Sony's new controller features a speaker underneath the touchscreen. Sony didn't outline its functionality, but it's possible the speaker may also double as a microphone.

Share Button:
Early rumors suggested the new DualShock would feature a "share" button that gives players quick access to their social networks. Sony not only confirmed the share button, but revealed that it taps into much deeper social features than we initially thought. Thanks to Sony's Gaikai services, the share button will allow you to broadcast your game to your friends as you play it, who can respond by posting comments to your screen. You can even give control of your game to other players to help you through difficult sequences.

Move Light Strip:
The DualShock 4 controller features a built-in light to interact with the PS4's newly revealed stereo camera. The light will allow the PS4 to identify the position of players in their room, in three dimensions.

One of the PS3 controller's biggest shortcomings is its triggers. The stubby triggers are convex, making it easy for fingers to slip off during intense gaming sessions. It appears that the DualShock 4 fixes this problem, with more angular, convex triggers.

Faster and Stronger:
While giving gamers a quick glimpse of the new controller, Sony's Mark Cerny stated that the DualShock 4 will feature enhanced rumble and less latency.

What do you think of the new controller? Share your thoughts in the comments below.