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PlayStation 4

Capcom Announces New IP For PS4

by Adam Biessener on Feb 20, 2013 at 12:47 PM

Capcom's Yoshinori Ono took the stage at Sony's PlayStation 4 unveiling to lend his company's support to the console in the form of Deep Down, a fantasy adventure that appears to offer cooperative monster hunting.

A brief video showing Deep Down (noted as a working title) followed Ono's announcement of a new engine, codenamed Panta Rhei. The video showed what appeared to be a group of adventurers having a dispute over the relative value of their target, then jumping into battle against a powerful dragon.

As the dragon fills the cavern with its fiery breath, the armored warrior dramatically psyched himself up from a safe spot behind a crumbling pillar and eventually jumps out to take the brunt of the blast on his shield, which soon glows incandescent under the burning onslaught.

After an interstitial screen that read, "Conquer your fear or die a coward," the video cut to what looked like a social-networking message, addressed to Ono from Street Fighter's Blanka, asking for help as he'd gotten himself in over his head.

Though Ono exited the stage after delivering the expected praise for Sony and its PlayStation 4, Deep Down is obviously being teased as a cooperative action title of some kind. Given Capcom's success with Monster Hunter and Sony's focus on social, sharing, and connected gameplay, it's hard to be surprised. It's also worth noting that Deep Down shares the same initials as Dragon's Dogma.