Another Look At The Rumored PlayStation 4 Controller

by Dan Ryckert on Feb 15, 2013 at 05:23 AM


A new shot of the supposed controller has been released over at All Games Beta.


We're just six days from Sony's big press event, which means we may be less than a week from our first official look at the new PlayStation. Predictably, rumors have been flying in recent days. One such rumor from Destructoid involves the picture you see above. It's been making the rounds online, with some claiming that it's the new console's controller.

It looks like a touch screen has been put in place of the traditional start and select buttons, but it's a bit too small to offer gameplay on the level of an iPad or Wii U GamePad. If this image is legit, it'll be interesting to see what the screen is used for.

Hopefully, we'll get some concrete answers next Wednesday. What do you it for real?

Source: Destructoid