Players Reporting Issues With Aliens: CM Deleting Saves

by Dan Ryckert on Feb 15, 2013 at 08:22 AM

It's been a bad week for Gearbox and Sega. Aliens: Colonial Marines immediately became a laughingstock when it released on Tuesday, with critics and gamers alike reaming the title for its obvious quality issues. From the looks of Gearbox's message board, one of those issues may involve deleted game saves on Xbox 360.

Apparently, this bug is triggered when the Xbox 360's cache is cleared. Several players loaded up the game after doing this, only to find that their game saves were nowhere to be found. Others are claiming that the same happened to them without any cache activity.

Are any of you 360 players experiencing said issue? To add to that question...why the hell are you playing Aliens: Colonial Marines?

Source: Destructoid