reader discussion

Weekend Warrior 02/8/13

by Louis Garcia on Feb 08, 2013 at 01:00 PM

More promises to play Far Cry 3 are made, with one editor clearing his schedule to jump back into Isaac Clarke’s RIG suit in Dead Space 3.  

Ben Hanson: I checked out Boom Blox from Game Informer's vault, so I hope to find some time to play it a bit. I'm also hoping to download Dead Space 3 on PC; I'm praying my laptop doesn't melt. On top of that, I should really play some more Fire Emblem: Awakening, and I've been meaning to check out Proteus. Have a good weekend!

Tim Turi: This weekend I’m putting everything on hold to play through Dead Space 3 again. I’m really looking forward to running through the game again on a harder difficulty and diving deeper into the weapon crafting. I hope to squeeze in some co-op as well.

Jeff Marchiafava: For the past few weekends I intended to play Far Cry 3, only to get sidetracked by other games and activities. So this weekend I’m using reverse psychology on myself: I am definitely not going to play Far Cry 3 this weekend. Science don’t fail me now! Or do fail me now? Now I’m confused…

Louis Garcia: I didn’t get to play Far Cry 3 last weekend, so I’d like to jump back into that so I can get mauled by tigers that are also apparently ninjas. Seriously, what’s up with that? They get me every time. Instead, I hosted a Game Informer community play date for Monster Hunter Tri. If my new Game Informer hunting buddy has time, I may find myself smashing dinos and dragons into submission. 

Kyle Hilliard: This weekend is all about Dead Space 3. And Antichamber. And Sly Cooper. And family time. And cleaning the house. I guess it will be about a lot more than just Dead Space 3, but there will be a lot of that.