Double Fine's Kickstarter Game Coming To Ouya

by Matt Bertz on Feb 06, 2013 at 01:11 PM

Conventional wisdom says that your platform is only as good as the games that support it. Though the Ouya's bold concept of bringing Android games to the television has generated plenty of buzz since its Kickstarter debuted last July, outside of Robert Bowling's new game and a port of Final Fantasy III, the game lineup is hazy.

Today during her D.I.C.E. presentation CEO Julia Uhrman generated some new enthusiasm for the project by announcing that Double Fine's Kickstarter adventure game, code named "Reds," is coming to the platform. Double Fine plans to port The Cave as well. Uhrman also revealed that Words With Friends creator Paul Bettner's new Verse studio is creating a game for the Ouya, too.

The Ouya is scheduled to go on sale for $100 in June. It should be interesting to see what other game announcements materialize as we get closer to launch.