Awakened Seeks Kickstarter Funding

by Kayla Herrera on Feb 04, 2013 at 11:12 AM

Superhero-simulation game, Awakened, has resurfaced on Kickstarter to fund a project of up to $500,000 to develop the game for Windows PC.

After starting as a cancelled Midway project, developer Phosphor Games came together to reignite the project and keep it going. After a period of silence, Phosphor Games announce the Kickstarter Campaign to bring the game into development in Unreal Engine 4, once and for all. 

In Awakened, you can customize your heroes with the intricate character editor along with a catalog of superpowers like invisibility and stone skin. 

If the goal of $500,000 is met, this would allow for Awakened to include the character editor and a single-player campaign. Phosphor Games names off a few stretch goals including multiplayer mode and a full-game editor, which grants the player access to creating their own environments and scenarios. 

For more information or to lend your own contribution, check out Awakened’s official Kickstarter webpage