Guild Wars 2’s Living Story Explained

by Kayla Herrera on Jan 31, 2013 at 12:28 PM

What is the Living Story in Guild Wars 2? Narrative designer Andy McCoy comments on the exciting features of the new initiative in a post on Guild Wars 2’s official website.

The Living Story will include new story threads and dynamic events in order to bring the world to life and enhance the player’s gaming experience. “You’ll witness the citizens of Tyria living their lives, fighting their foes, making good and bad decisions, and paying the consequences for them; and if you choose, you can be the friend who sees them through their darkest hours and who joins them in their celebrations,” McCoy writes in the explanatory post.

Story threads will introduce enigmatic plot twists, influential moments that affect the rest of the world, and fresh characters. Some of these moments will even provide opportunities to permanently change Guild Wars 2's history. 

“The Living Story is simultaneously transitory and permanent,” McCoy says. “As the story arcs play out, the tale evolves.” 

Themed story arcs could pan out for many months and offer opportunities to participate and help instigate the little changes in the world of Guild Wars 2. The entire idea of the Living Story is a unified, narrative adventure meant to take players on a journey into an evolving story, something they can become heavily involved in and create an impact. 

“We’re weaving many plot threads together to make one big cohesive world, a river of story, a living world,” McCoy writes. 

As a prelude into the change, Guild Wars 2 is offering players the Flame and Frost story arc, which should last for a couple of months. Visit the Guild Wars 2 website for more updates and information.