Air Superiority Mode Coming To Battlefield 3

by Jeff Cork on Jan 29, 2013 at 03:25 AM

The final expansion for Battlefield 3, End Game, will add a couple of new modes, four new maps, and new vehicles to the mix.

According to the official Battlefield site, End Game's two new modes include classic capture-the-flag action and the return of Battlefield 1943's Air Superiority mode. The latter mode was unlocked after the 1943 community racked up 43 million kills. In it, teams participate in large-scale dogfights, with the goal of having more aircraft in the sky than the opposing team.

The expansion also adds dropships, which can be used to quickly deploy troop transport into the field. There's no word on the new maps or what three of the four new vehicles will be (aside from one being a dirt bike). 

EA hasn't provided pricing details, but if the game's previous downloadable expansions are any indication, players can expect to pay about $15 for it. If you're a member of Battlefield 3's premium service, you'll get it two weeks before everyone else at no additional cost. End Game is currently slated for a March release.


[Via NeoGaf]