Bungie Sends Care Package To Ailing Child

by Jeff Cork on Jan 21, 2013 at 03:55 AM

A young Halo fan who endured a nine-hour liver transplant was treated with a surprise visit from Bungie and a host of gifts.

The boy's father, who goes by the online handle "fiscal_" posted an image gallery of the boy and his thanks. Gifts included a card signed by members of the studio, a Halo shirt, and, most impressively, a full-sized replica of Carter's helmet from Halo: Reach. Dad says his son is recovering well, and that the gifts were a big mood booster in a difficult time.

The father also cut off any back-seat parenting off at the pass, saying that his son doesn't play the M-rated series, but that he loves the character of Master Chief and the series' action figures. Dad says the boy only watches snippets of the game when he's with his parents.



[Via Reddit]