Too Human Pulled From Xbox Live Marketplace In Response To Lawsuit

by Kyle Hilliard on Jan 18, 2013 at 06:52 AM

Last year, Too Human developer Silicon Knights was ordered to destroy all game code created using the Unreal Engine, which includes games both released and unreleased by the developer. The process has begun with Too Human's disappearance from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

To refresh, Silicon Knights sued Epic Games in 2007, claiming that it was holding back on its resources when it came to supporting Unreal Engine 3. Silicon Knights licensed the Unreal Engine to make Too Human and other games, and felt that Epic was, in laymans terms, saving the good stuff for Gears of War. After five years of deliberation, the court ruled in favor of Epic Games.

Too Human was available on-demand, but now it has disappeared along with all its related downloads, including gamer pictures, themes, and demos. The product page still exists, but there's nothing there. It's a just a shell of its former being.

[via Eurogamer]