Kongregate's Top Five Free Games: January 2013

by Jeff Marchiafava on Jan 17, 2013 at 11:28 AM

We've got another batch of the best free games on Kongregate for January 2013. The selections and descriptions below have been provided by Kongregate's own Rebecca Francis. Check them out and tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Dawn of Darkness (Above)
Recruit heroes and strategically build battle formations to take on the forces of evil in this Adventure-RPG. The game art is a treat to look at, and powerful and upgradeable weapons are a treat to use. Take on a series of shadowy bosses, and enjoy the game's exciting story and excellent sense of humor!

You're the only 3-dimensional being left in a 2D world. In order to find out what went wrong, you'll need to navigate your way through many levels of puzzles. Enjoy the surreal experience of manipulating flat objects as you explore a flat world. This game is the winner of Kongregate's Unity Contest.

Company of Myself
An oldie but a goody, this puzzle platformer reminds us all that you're never really alone. As a small, melancholy man, you must use as many iterations of yourself as necessary to complete the levels before you. With excellent music and a simple, sad story, this game is still one of the best ways to kill time on Kongregate.

Berzerk Ball 2
If you're like most people who use the internet, you've wanted to punch someone through the screen. Berzerk Ball 2 does the next best thing, allowing you to launch an internet geek into next week. Upgrade your weapons and teammates for maximum geek-distance and geek-velocity, or take a break from launching with some fun minigames!

Creeper World: User Space
We've all played defense games before, but the creeper is a different kind of enemy. The nasty blue stuff is threatening to destroy the world as you know it, one teensy weensy bit at a time. Build structures to blast it back throughout a dozen creative and clever levels. A Kongregate classic, this game is a must for any dedicated defense fan.

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