The Free Bundle Introduces Players To Five Free Indie Games

by Jeff Marchiafava on Jan 11, 2013 at 11:05 AM

There's no shortage of indie game bundles being offered to gamers now, most of which invite you to pay whatever you want for their wares. The makers of The Free Bundle, on the other hand, are simply content to point visitors towards five great indie games that are all available free of charge.

While The Free Bundle website mimics the layout of other indie bundle sites, the descriptions for each game link directly to the developers' websites and direct downloads for each title. The games being featured are Nitronic Rush, Ascension, Celestial Mechanica, Imscared, and Abobo's Big Adventure, which we did a full video playthrough of last year. It's worth noting that these games were all already free; the creators of the website are just trying to help these games get the recognition they deserve.

I rolled my eyes at the attempt to differentiate the "real" indies from the non-indie indies in the website's FAQ (apparently if you have more than ten employees or publish your games, you aren't indie anymore), but the titles highlighted on the site are certainly worthy of praise and recognition, as is The Free Bundle for bringing them to the attention of gamers. Check the games out, and if you find one that you enjoy, consider heading over to the developer's website and donating to them directly.

[Via: IndieGameMag]