Redesigned Crash Bandicoot Spotted In Vicarious Visions Studio Photo

by Kyle Hilliard on Jan 08, 2013 at 03:11 AM

Update: Vicarious Visions has deleted the photo featuring the mysterious new Crash Bandicoot from its facebook page. Does it mean anything? Or are we reading into it a little bit too much?

Thanks to to JB for pointing out the evaporating photo!


A photo posted on Vicarious Vision's official facebook page of the studio's third annual Game Jam has a poster on the wall that appears to feature a redesigned Crash Bandicoot.

Facebook commenters on the photo pointed out Crash immediately, and NeoGAF user TimmiT posted the image on the message boards. This could be a redesigned Crash for a new game, but it's also possible that Sony's former mascot could be making a cameo in Skylanders, a series Vicarious Visions has helped port to assorted consoles. It could also be a past version of Crash Bandicoot that I simply don't recognize.

What do you think it is?