Gabe Newell Opens Up About Steam Box

by Matt Miller on Jan 08, 2013 at 12:35 PM

A new interview offers a number of details about what’s being planned for Valve’s entry into TV-based gaming.

The Verge posted today an extensive interview with Gabe Newell, in which the Valve CEO offers more information about the long-rumored Steam Box. 

Among a number of other insights, Newell discusses plans to have the Steam Box be multiple different computer models that each have similar goals -- namely of letting people interact with their Valve games on any of their home monitors, including TVs. Valve plans to release a version of the Box that runs off Linux, but you’ll be able to install Windows if you like. Valve is also open to other companies creating and releasing their own versions of the Steam Box. 

Newell also expressed that Valve explored the possibility of motion gaming, but didn’t find any ways to make games “fundamentally better,” so don't expect a Valve version of Kinect or Move anytime soon. He also suggests that Valve is interested in letting users host their own “stores,” which should help to surface a variety of different content on Steam, guided by strong users who can act to direct other players to good content and games. 

Check out the full interview, and then swing back by and let us know what you think about Newell’s plans for the Steam Box in the comments below.