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Reader Discussion: What's Your Favorite Gaming Moment From 2012?

by Jeff Cork on Dec 30, 2012 at 11:35 AM

There were a lot of great games released in 2012. If you had to whittle all of your favorite gaming experiences from the year down to one particular moment, what would it be?

How about I go first? 

My moment of the year came courtesy of Far Cry 3. I was staking out a pirate outpost from a distance. I'm kind of neurotic with these kinds of things, and I was taking my time. I'd walk a few steps, scan the patrols with my camera, and then move into cover. Over the course of about 10 minutes I had worked my way around the perimeter, and I was just about ready to mount my attack. I pulled out my sniper rifle for one last quick survey and was lining up a shot when, out of nowhere, a tiger pounced on the pirate I'd zoomed in on and the place immediately erupted into chaos. I ended up just walking in with a shotgun and mowing down the unsuspecting (and understandably panicked) survivors.

It was silly, unexpected, and a fitting summary of one of my favorite games of the year.

This isn't a favorite moment, but I figured I'd share while I still had your attention. I was playing some Skyrim yesterday (getting around to playing the DLC), when a dragon did one of its dragony nosedives at me and my party. It hit the ground with its nose, and, without changing from the diving pose, ricocheted off and bounced into the stratosphere. That was really...something.

Your turn! What do you have?

As you might imagine, the comments are going to be a minefield of potential spoilers. Tread carefully.