Report: Ghost Recon Future Soldier Sequel Incoming

by Adam Biessener on Dec 20, 2012 at 10:33 AM

A clever Ubisoft forumgoer pulled this slide from the Ubisoft Kiev Facebook page, which seems to indicate a Ghost Recon Future Soldier sequel to be in the works.

Referred to as “GRFS: Next,” the sequel would seem to be not in development at Kiev but at some other (presumably internal Ubisoft) studio.

Future Soldier was released to middling reviews in May of this year. Could Ubi be prepping a sequel to appear on as-yet-unannounced next-gen consoles, given the Kiev studio’s purported expertise working with DirectX 11 (reportedly a big push from Microsoft on next-gen Xbox development)?

For my money, Ghost Recon should get back to its roots and offer real tactical gameplay instead of being yet another me-too modern warfare action shooter. Offer some honest-to-goodness squad tactics and tough real-world situations to try and defuse with elite Special Forces soldiers and I’m on board.

It could happen, right? Right?

[via BluesNews]