Report: Disney Infinity To Bring Open-World Sandbox Action And Creation To Consoles

by Adam Biessener on Dec 20, 2012 at 11:00 AM


Gaming website Polygon is reporting that several videos and images detailing an ambitious new title from Disney are in its possession. Disney Infinity is said to combine Disney and Pixar’s decades-deep rosters of characters, content creation a la Minecraft, and open-world exploration and action into a single experience.

Polygon writes that it has seen videos of Disney Infinity in action, showcasing everything from on-foot exploration to tank battles to racetrack creation. If the report is accurate, Disney is making a bold move to reestablish itself as a power in video games that has nothing to do with its recently acquired Star Wars properties.

Disney Infinity is said to be in development by Avalanche Software and to expand on several elements of that studio’s exceptional Toy Story 3 game, particularly the Toy Box mode that gives players all kinds of freedom to experiment in the charming Toy Story universe.

Polygon also reports that the game will be coming to iOS and Android devices as well, but in what form is unknown – the gameplay as detailed is going to be a challenge to fit on existing consoles, so the full experience making it to mobile platforms seems unlikely.

Disney has confirmed nothing yet, but Polygon also claims knowledge of a forthcoming January press event at which the game will be formally announced.

Disney Infinity sounds plausible, ambitious, and an excellent way for Disney to bring its properties into video games in a creative way instead of as cash-in uninspired movie tie-ins destined for bargain bins within a month of release. We’ll keep you posted on any more information about this potential project as it becomes available.