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Can An NFL Punter Defeat A Firaxis Developer In XCOM?

by Andrew Reiner on Dec 20, 2012 at 06:05 AM

UPDATE: The best of three series is over. Chris Kluwe has seized a glorious victory with the help of Fister McGrundle and Buttstallion, and is now gloating all over the GI office. Someone please send some grease so we can get his head out the front door.

Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe is an avid gamer and a huge s--- talker. Last month, he thought he could defeat Firaxis Games' producer and designer Garth DeAngelis at his own game of XCOM: Enemy Unknown. DeAngelis wiped the floor with Kluwe, and hasn't let him live it down. DeAngelis periodically attacks Kluwe on Twitter, and wants to take him on again for his own amusement.

Not one to back down from a fight/train wreck, Kluwe has accepted DeAngelis' challenge. This time, the stakes are high.

If Kluwe loses, Firaxis gets control of his twitter avatar for an entire week. If Kluwe wins, Firaxis will add him to XCOM: Enemy Unknown as an unlockable hero, similar to Ken Levine and Sid Meier.

Kluwe and DeAngelis are battling in a best of three showdown. Kluwe gets to pick the parameters for the first match, such as time limit and loadouts. DeAngelis is already taunting Kluwe for the first match, saying "In order to make this fair, someone else will play you in round 1." he included this picture:

If you tune in, we're going to be giving away a variety of prizes, including the chance to win free Steam keys to XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The fun begins at 6 PM CT, right here. Bookmark this page, and we'll see you tonight!

A word of advice to all of you XCOM up and comers: Kluwe's "10 Rules to Surviving XCOM" may not work.


Full disclosure: Chris Kluwe and Andrew Reiner are in the band Tripping Icarus.