Minecraft XBLA Receives Title Update 7

by Mike Mahardy on Dec 19, 2012 at 09:48 AM

Developer 4J Studios has announced that Title Update 7 is live today.

"The End" won't arrive until Title Update 8 goes live, but TU7 isn't without its changes. In addition to brewing and enchanting, a new mushroom biome and nether fortresses have been added. Experience points can also be earned by mining, killing mobs, and using furnaces. These points allow you to enchant armor, tools, and weapons.

New optional skin animations have also been added to give them more life and personality. 

For the full list of new additions, including a wealth of new mobs and items, head over to

Editor's note: In our original news story, we accidentally published a list of additions that was from a previous Minecraft update. We apologize for the confusion.