Resident Evil 6 Now Has More Multiplayer On 360

by Joe Juba on Dec 18, 2012 at 09:10 AM

Do you remember those Xbox 360-exclusive Resident Evil 6 multiplayer modes that Capcom said would come out today? Well, brace yourself, because they are now out as promised.

In a dazzling display of truth-telling, the previously announced modes are out today on Xbox Live. They are called Predator, Survivors, and Onslaught, and you can read our previous story for a full breakdown of what each mode entails. Each one costs 320 Microsoft Points individually, or you can buy all three for 720 Microsoft Points.

Of course, given how divisive RE 6 is among fans (especially here in the GI offices), there are probably plenty of people who aren't interested in more Resident Evil right now, regardless of platform. Are you going to check out these new modes?