Reader Poll Results: Microsoft Is On Deck

by Mike Mahardy on Dec 17, 2012 at 06:00 AM

PS4? Xbox 720? We asked. You voted! And the results are in.

There's been a lot of speculation surrounding the upcoming console generation, and with the Wii U launch, all eyes turned to the remaining members of the Big Three.

It looks like the majority of us are expecting Microsoft to release their new console before Sony. Votes for Sony ended at 24.3 percent while the next Microsoft console won handily with 75.7 percent of the votes. We still have little concrete information regarding the Xbox 360's successor, but that doesn't stop our excitement from increasing every day E3 comes closer.

Here's hoping that E3 2013 will shed more light on the future of console video games. Thanks for voting, and keep an eye out for any future GI reader polls. Here's a link to the poll results.