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Dark Souls II Director On Making The Sequel More Accessible

by Mike Mahardy on Dec 17, 2012 at 09:35 AM

Dark Souls II director Tomohiro Shibuya upset some Dark Souls fans by saying that the sequel will be "more understandable," but more light has been shed on that conversation.

“Accessibility to players who haven’t picked up Dark Souls is definitely a key topic,” Shibuya told Edge in an upcoming cover story. “Right in the beginning when players first pick up the game is something that I will definitely focus on. To not immediately throw them into Dark Souls but provide a good introduction in terms of what the game’s about and how the game should be played."

Shibuya hopes that this introduction will succeed in drawing new players in without sacrificing the challenge and mystery that fans of the first game loved. He also wants to make hidden story elements from Dark Souls more clear in the sequel, along with the covenant system, which rewards the player for aligning with certain factions.

Via: Destructoid