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New Sleeping Dogs DLC Available December 18

by Jordan LaPorte on Dec 14, 2012 at 09:55 AM

Square Enix has announced that the next round of downloadable content for Sleeping Dogs, titled The Zodiac Tournament, will be available on Dec. 18. 

The new DLC will thrust players into a martial arts tournament to take on the best fighters in the world.

The Zodiac Tournament will be integrated into the main game so it can be accessed at any time. However, players will be warned that the DLC may be more difficult if their character hasn’t reached the recommended level. 

The DLC takes its inspiration from classic kung fu movies, and features Wei Shen fighting his way through a series of arenas populated with basic enemies. After the nameless soldiers are defeated, Shen will face another contestant one-on-one, with the opportunity to unlock a new finishing move if he achieves victory. 

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