Sir Hammerlock Set To Appear In Next Borderlands 2 DLC

by Mike Mahardy on Dec 13, 2012 at 09:34 AM

Following the appearance of new trophies on the PS3 version of Borderlands 2 after a patch, a Gearbox spokesperson told Polygon that Sir hammerlock's Big Game Hunt is indeed the next Borderlands 2 DLC.

The trophies mention hunting missions, new named locations, and the "Fall of Nakayama."

"There are still two add-on campaigns scheduled to release as part of the Borderlands 2 Season Pass and we are really looking forward to sharing news about our third add-on campaign and other downloadable content soon," the spokesperson said.

"A recent update addresses many of the issues brought to our attention by the community, including a fix to restore lost Badass Rank. Full details of this patch are available at and further updates are in the works. Thank you to all the gamers who took the time to contact us and provide feedback about their experiences. 2K and Gearbox have some of the most passionate fans in the world and it's their passion that drives our team to keep improving Borderlands 2."

There is no release date for the content yet, but it is likely that it will release before the end of 2012, judging by a recent tweet from Gearbox President Randy Pitchford.

"I can guarantee that there will be more DLC for Borderlands 2 before the world ends."

[Via: Polygon]