New Square Enix Announcement Is Not Quite Here

by Andrew Reiner on Dec 11, 2012 at 03:14 PM

Update: The site has finally refreshed and Square Enix has unveiled Star Galaxy. Read more about it here.


Update: The countdown has ended! And it looks like nothing has changed on the website. Is Square Enix trolling us?


Is a new Star Ocean game in the works? Square Enix's teaser website for an upcoming game announcement screams of this beloved RPG series. Along with a countdown timer, which expires in one day, the site offers a not-so-subtle hint of what we can expect from the game with the words "star, epic, border, war, galaxy, divide, supremacy, ambition, bandiera."

That sounds like Star Ocean to me, but I've learned to never rule anything out with Square Enix. Knowing how this company loves to give games ridiculous names, it could be Kingdom Hearts: Star, Epic, Border, War, Galaxy, Divide, Supremacy, Ambition, Bandiera. We'll have an answer in one day, folks.

Thanks go out to GI reader Vinny V for the news tip. Check out Joe's review of the last Star Ocean release.