Report: "The End" Coming to XBLA Minecraft In Title Update 8

by Mike Mahardy on Dec 10, 2012 at 06:34 AM

Although Title Update 7 is next on the list for Minecraft on XBLA, the update following it will bring about "The End," in which you fight a giant Ender Dragon in a barren abyss, according to OXM.

Animal breeding, potion brewing, enchantment tables, experience points, the mushroom biome, and nether fortress are all elements of PC version 1.01 that will be brought to XBLA via Update 7. XBLA Developer 4J Studios said over Twitter that leveling up will take 30 experience points instead of the 50 it takes on PC, and that experience is earned by mining, smelting, and breeding.

[Via: Joystiq