Booker And Elizabeth Meet In New BioShock Infinite Trailer

by Ben Reeves on Dec 08, 2012 at 07:16 AM

Ken Levine got on stage to show off BioShock Infinite during the recent Spike VGA awards.

The new trailer for BioShock Infinite showed off Booker and Elizabeth's first meeting. Elizabeth threw some books at Booker, but he was too smart for that and dodged them. Something terrible starting howling through the walls, but when Booker gave Elizabeth a key, the game cut ahead and we jumped forward to a more action oriented section of the game.

Booker shot a bunch of dudes and rode a couple of those sky rails while shooting at enemies running down below. One of Booker's powers is the ability to shoot crows at enemies. Another seems to be sending a corrupted ball of energy at enemies. We can't wait to play this game. Booker also fired off several grenades at people from the sky rails. Any concerns we might have had over this game's recent delay have been completely dashed. Go to sleep tonight and hope you wake up in March.