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Lords Of Shadow 2's Trailer Is Loaded With Spoilers

by Andrew Reiner on Dec 07, 2012 at 03:49 PM

If you haven't played Castlevania: Lords of Shadow yet, you may want to stop reading this news story right here. "The waters of my life flow ever long, never stopping," says Dracula in a new trailer debuting during Spike's Video Game Awards. "After centuries of sleep and nothingness, I have returned. I have no memory of how I got here." The "here" he's referring to is modern day society.

During this trailer, an older, white-haired Dracula is seen lurking within the shadows of a cathedral located in a thriving metropolis. He reflects on his life to his youth and the beginnings of his bloodlust. I suspect this era will be used for the majority of the game. Here, we see him feeding on the neck of a soldier, and using his strength to topple giants.

I hope the modern day content isn't just used to set up a flashback story. Playing as Dracula in modern day times would be a bold move for the series. I can't wait to see what Mercury Steam has in store for us.

A common theme for the night, no system specifics were given.