Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade Landing on North American Shores

by Jordan LaPorte on Nov 29, 2012 at 09:15 AM

Square Enix and DeNA announced today that Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade is coming to mobile devices in the United States and Canada, though a specific release date was not given. Airborne Brigade will be the first Final Fantasy free-to-play social game released in English.

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade is a social game that has players cooperating on various adventures throughout a Final Fantasy-inspired world. Each player has an airship that can be grouped up with other players' ships to form an airborne brigade. The game features enemies, abilities, and items that are taken directly from the Final Fantasy series.

Although there is no solid release date yet, anyone interested can pre-register here and be alerted via e-mail when the game is available for free download. Pre-registered players can also receive a three-month exclusive in-game card featuring Cloud, which will assist players during boss battles.