Kongregate's Top Five Free Games: November 2012

by Jim Reilly on Nov 13, 2012 at 08:58 AM

Here are the best games found on Kongregate for the month of November. Check out the links and descriptions written by Rebecca Francis and scroll to the bottom to see links to the top selection from the previous months.


Legend of the Void 2 (above)

Calderia is under attack by hoards of the undead, and it’s up to you to save it in this turn-based RPG.  Journey around an expansive map as you complete quests and prepare for the ultimate faceoff with the VoidLord.  This game provides so much for you to sink your teeth into, it’s definitely enough to keep any RPG lover happy for hours.

The Grinns Tale

There’s some funny business afoot in the old tower, and it’s up to you to check it out in this strategy RPG.  Explore the tower, floor by floor, and use your spoils to build up a town full of adventurers!  Enjoy the fun, sleek graphics and quirky characters – they really make the game.

Death vs. Monstars 2

This perky little shooter couldn’t be happier that everyone is out to get you.  Pilot your spunky skull through wave after wave of foes and upgrade yourself to greatness.  And yet, even upgrades don’t keep the game from being a satisfying challenge; manually handling your powerups keeps it from being a simple blastfest.


In the land of polished browser MMORPGs, Wartune is king.  The attention to detail is astounding, and really makes every battle feel epic.  Join the whole gaming community in huge, 1000 player boss battles, or go it alone.  There’s definitely something for everyone, and with frequent updates, we can’t wait to see what they come up with next.


Save the land of Rivadis as one of several contrasting races in this fantasy RTS.  Fight off the Necromancers, the common enemy of all, but also each (playable!) rival race in a total of three campaigns.  Not enough of a challenge?  Complete each battle as quickly as possible for a perfect rating!

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