December Issue Featuring GTA V To Launch Digitally On November 8

by Andy McNamara on Nov 07, 2012 at 11:35 AM

We announced our new cover back on October 11, and today we can share with you the release schedule for our December issue featuring Grand Theft Auto V.

At 11am Central (5PM GMT) on November 8, we will reveal the cover art and give you a break down of the issue (hint: the story is huge - over 18 pages in print - and full of details and screens we can't wait to share). Then, in the afternoon (US Central time) we will release the digital edition of Game Informer to iPad, 10-inch Android devices, and PC/Mac. Print issues will already be in the mail and should arrive to subscribers in the weeks that follow. Print newsstand is November 16.

Game Informer Digital subscribers have access to all three digital editions, or you can purchase the individual issues on iPad or Android for $4.99 (or subscribe directly to those devices through the appropriate storefront for $19.99). Game Informer Digital is available worldwide if you have the appropriate credit card and email information.

The tablet app itself is free for iPad and Android and you can check it out now (including a free copy of the Gears of War: Judgment issue).

Digital subs can be purchased directly online through us (via GameStop) or by visiting a GameStop store location, but it can take up to 48 hours to process (we know it's dumb and are working on it). Please subscribe early if you want access to all the editions. This is the only way to access the PC/Mac editions. Otherwise, iPad and Android are available for purchase instantly. The issue will also be available through Google's Play Magazine app as soon as possible. This supports all Android devices, but currently isn't part of our Game Informer Digital subscription and must be purchased separately. If you are looking for single print issues internationally, please contact (rates depend on location). 

So if you live in the US, go vote on the 6th, spend the 7th speculating and getting excited, and then grab your digital issue on the 8th! Everyone else in the world can skip the voting.

Update: Time added in bold.