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Who Would Win In A Fight? Ezio, Agent 47, Or Corvo?

by Kyle Hilliard on Oct 28, 2012 at 07:02 AM

Three men, three expert killers, but only one can leave the imaginary room I’ve established where professional assassins fight one another.

We’ve seen a lot of assassins this holiday gaming season, and it’s important that we establish who is the best. Ezio isn’t actually appearing in a game this year, but we won’t know more about his descendant Connor until Tuesday, so Ezio is getting thrown into this against his will. He has a lifetime of training and two wrist blades, but he has never seen a movie about assassins so he doesn’t know any modern tricks. Agent 47 is genetically engineered to be the perfect assassin, but those scientists couldn’t do anything about his hair, which may hurt his confidence. Corvo from Dishonored can pause time, but he’s only been in one game.

Who do you think would win? Or would they just work out their differences with a conversation and eventually join Ezio’s timeless crusade?