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What Video Game Character Are You Dressing Up As For Halloween?

by Ben Reeves on Oct 25, 2012 at 08:30 AM

Video games are cool. Dressing up is...also cool? People seem to like doing it anyway. With Halloween approaching, which video game icon are you thinking about dressing up as?

In college I knew a guy who dressed up like Pikachu one year. It was hilarious because it was a kid's costume and it didn't quite fit over his burly frame. Everyone laughed because it looked ridiculous, and he was a dork. That man was me. I think that's the last time I've dressed up as a video game character. (I all the pictures from that night were burned, so there is no proof this every actually happened.) If I was going to dress up as someone this year, I would probably go as an assassin from Assassin's Creed, because they show off a lot of ass, and no one laughs at them.

What's your most embarrassing Halloween costume? If you look cool no matter what you wear, then what are you dressing up as this year? If you're not dressing up, what would be your dream costume? If you think dressing up is for dorks and little kids, then get out of here. This is a safe zone! We don't hurt each other by laughing at them.