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Halo 4 Has Cost Microsoft More Money Than Any Title To Date

by Ben Reeves on Oct 25, 2012 at 03:52 PM

Based on how much money Microsoft has dumped into Halo 4, the game better be good. Based on what we've seen, it is.

In an interview with Polygon, Microsoft Studios head Phil Spencer said that Halo is a three billion dollar brand. When asked if Halo 4 was the company's most expensive title to date, Spencer replied, "Absolutely. Nothing's even close." We had trouble finding data on Halo: Reach, but Halo 3 reportedly cost $60 Million to develop and advertise, which makes it one of the most expensive games ever produced. Apparently, Halo 4's budget is quite a bit larger than that.

This is the first numbered Halo title that has been produced by someone other than Bungie, but based on everything we've seen and played so far, hardcore Halo fans have nothing to worry about. This should be the sequel we've been waiting for. Halo 4 comes out on November 6; better go get in line now.

[Source: Joystiq]