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Reader Discussion: Star Trek Or Star Wars?

by Tim Turi on Oct 24, 2012 at 12:22 PM

One group's ambitious quest to build a full-scale Millennium Falcon has Star Wars on our minds. Nerds love arguing for the things we love. Few nerdy fires rage as brightly as the debate over Star Trek or Star Wars being the superior science-fiction series. So out with it, already: Rancors or Romulans? Kirk or Luke? The Force or beamin' up?

Let me start. My first true introduction to sci-fi involved seeing Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope when the special editions hit theaters. The easy-to-follow story, lightsaber fights, and bad-ass Han Solo were enough to hook me on the space opera. I patiently waited for the other two films in the original trilogy to release, and instantly fell in love with Boba Fett, speeder bikes, and the Battle of Hoth. Layer on a generous helping of Star Wars merchandise and games like Dark Forces to play with, and my fandom was sealed.

Around that time I would also catch episodes of the original Star Trek TV show. I didn’t have the perspective I have now, so I didn’t appreciate how seminal the series was to all science fiction. The cheesy acting, fake-looking monsters, and slowly paced episodes couldn’t keep my attention. Also, the terrible Star Trek games never could stack up against the Super Star Wars series, further solidifying my opinion. Since then I’ve attempted to get into the Star Trek series, but it never sticks. 

I confidently call myself a Star Wars guy, by a huge margin. I respect Star Trek and hope to experience the series' entire, massive offering, but I'd rather rewatch the original Star Wars trilogy any day.

Make your case for either, or both, in the comments below.