Rockstar Wants Your Ideas For GTA Multiplayer Crews

by Matt Helgeson on Oct 19, 2012 at 05:43 AM

Rockstar had already announced that multiplayer Crews (read: clans) formed in Max Payne 3 would carry over to Grand Theft Auto V. Now, the company is soliciting feedback from its fans about what kind of Crew features they would like to see implemented in GTA V.

On a page posted on the official Rockstar Games website, the developers of GTA V say, "We'd like to take this opportunity to ask all of you for your feedback, input and ideas for features you'd like to see created for Crews in the game." It continues, "Whether it's suggestions for competitive in-game Crew features in Multiplayer, new ways to manage and recruit, ideas for enhancing Social Club Crews and leader boards, things you did and didn't like about Crews in Max Payne 3, or any thoughts at all related to Crews really that you'd like to share -- we're all ears."

It's nice to see developers taking the time to solicit feedback from their fans. To participate, head over to the Rockstar Games official website.

Oh, and, if you hadn't heard, Grand Theft Auto V is the next Game Informer cover story. Stay tuned for more.