Obisdian's Project Eternity Sets Kickstarter Record

by Jim Reilly on Oct 16, 2012 at 07:16 AM

Project Eternity, the latest Kickstarter effort from developer Obsidian, became the highest-funded video game through the crowd funding website. The project surpassed the previous record-holder Double Fine Adventure this morning.

"All of us at Obsidian are overwhelmed at the amazing contributions of our fans and the RPG community," executive producer Adam Brennecke told Game Informer. "We never thought Project Eternity would be the highest funded game on Kickstarter.

"It blew our expectations out of the water and then some more. I want to give a big heartfelt thanks to Tim Shafer and Double Fine for being pioneers - we wouldn't be here without them."

Double Fine Adventure ended in March raising $3,336,371. Project Eternity sits at $3,577,505 with about 7 hours to go at the time of this posting.