Kongregate's Top Five Free Games: October 2012

by Jim Reilly on Oct 15, 2012 at 03:00 PM

Another month, another selection of the best games found on Kongregate. Check out the links and descriptions written by Rebecca Francis and scroll to the bottom to see links to the top selection from the previous months.

Realm of the Mad God (Pictured Above)
This is a co-op shooter RPG with a quirky, retro look.  We love the co-op gameplay, the pixels, and the fact that the game isn’t focused grinding one character, but about the flexibility for one player to try tons of different classes.  PowerUp Rewards members can now get 250 free PowerUp points and enter into a contest to win $10k, and there’s a ton of new content, including a ninja.  Need we say more?

Infectonator 2
Strategy game meets Rube-Goldberg machine meets zombies in this addictive sequel.  Drop a virus on unsuspecting cities and upgrade your weapons until you achieve global domination.  Different challenges for each city ensure that you’ll be destroying the world in new and exciting ways each time!

Galaxy Online

Tactics…in space!  This multiplayer game will have you commanding a space fleet that you design yourself – from resources you’ve plundered from your enemies.  Quests are being updated regularly, and be sure to play with your friends so you can aid each other in battle and share (or steal!) resources.

Deep Sleep
This is a game that will leave lovers of pixels, horror, and point’n’click thoroughly satisfied.  When you dream yourself into a dark and mysterious house, you’ve got to figure out how to wake up.  The graphics and music are both really compelling, and we won’t lie; we reached for our blankie a few times during this one.

In this time-management-meets-strategy hybrid you’re a blacksmith who, for monetary reason, needs to take up adventuring.  Forge weapons carefully (but quickly!) for your army, and fine tune them to take advantage of enemy weaknesses.  The structure of the game is quite familiar, but the gameplay is definitely worth a shot for those interested in something new.

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