WWE '13 To Be The "Greatest Video Game In The History Of Technology"?

by Dan Ryckert on Oct 04, 2012 at 01:13 PM

UPDATE: THQ has asked us to pull the video down, saying that it was accidentally leaked before it was ready. They say that the full version will be up "sooner rather than later," so we'll update this post accordingly.

The Legend of Zelda. Half-Life. Super Mario World. WWE '13?

According to a new video that THQ released (and subsequently pulled down), the upcoming grappler will be "without question, the greatest video game in the history of technology." That quote comes from WWE Hall of Famer and legendary commentator Jim Ross as he sets up a sit-down (and in-character) interview with Stone Cold Steve Austin and reigning WWE champion CM Punk.

I'm a huge wrestling fan (and I'm looking forward to WWE '13), but I can't help but catch a whiff of hyperbole on Good Ol' JR's part. Watch for yourself to see the bold claim as well as a genuinely interesting interview for wrestling fans.