Seen At Tokyo Game Show 2012: The Final Reckoning

by Ben Reeves on Sep 23, 2012 at 04:39 AM

During the weekend, TGS is a crazy mess. People are herded through the doors like cattle at Tokyo Game and Cattle Show. At one point someone bumped into me and then gave me a nasty look like it was my fault. I was going to say, "Hey man! You bumped into me!" But he was already walking away, and I don't know Japanese. True story. Here's some other true things that happened this weekend.

A shot of the show floor where people exchange nasty looks after bumping into each other

This guy wasn't scaring anyone

This guy scared everyone

A few gaming fans attend the show wearing traditional Japanese garb

The Hero Square spokesperson entertained audiences

A shot of Capcom's Resident Evil 6 booth

During the weekend a lot of cosplayers come out to cos

Gotta look good for the chicks

For some reason Razer threw a dance party during the show. It was so lame that in order to kill time I stabbed a clock

I think they're looking at you

"We'll be best friend forever right, Link?"
"Shut the hell up!"

Skyrim cosplayers!? I think even they're confused about why they're in Japan

No explanation required

"This isn't a video game! Get off the stage!" But I don't know Japanese, so I think my cries were mistaken for general enthusiasm

Here you go, Internet. Don't say I never gave you anything

Eat your heart out, ladies... I've never really understood that saying

Pretty sweet Street Fighter costumes. It almost makes you want to eat your heart out

As I walked by, I think I heard one of them whisper, "Help me" from under the costume