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Going To Japan? Don't Miss The Capcom Restaurant

by Ben Reeves on Sep 21, 2012 at 03:59 PM

After touring the Tokyo Game Show, we took a night off to check out Capcom's Themed restaurant: Capbar. It turns out, it's crazier than TGS.

All of the food and drinks at Capbar are named after the company's games. You can order a Resident Evil drink that comes with colored herbs to mix in, a giant hunk of dinosaur meat as seen in Monster Hunter, or a Ace Attorney tower of onion rings complete with a tiny gavel. Screens along the wall show trailers and game footage for Capcom's upcoming titles. But probably the crazies part of the experience is how the servers "entertain" you while you eat. If two people order Street Fighter-themed drinks at the same time, the servers pantomime a Street Fighter brawl when they deliver the drinks. Another waiter interrupted the evening a few times to reenact scenes from Ace Attorney. If you're in Japan don't miss this unique sightseeing opportunity.

We recommend the brains!

Check out some images of the restaurant below: