Indie Horror Sensation Slender To Get Sequel For Commercial Release

by Matt Helgeson on Sep 20, 2012 at 03:42 PM

Mark Hadley's terrifying cult hit is being reimagined in Slender: The Arrival, being made in partnership with Blue Isle Studios.

Slender is a uniquely terrifying game that has a simple goal: you have to retrieve eight pages that are scattered throughout a dark woods. However, the whole time you're being stalked by the ethereal Slender Man -- which started as a creation of the Something Awful forums "Create Paranormal Images" thread.

The original Slender was free, but now this more robust version, entitled Slender: The Arrival is being created for commercial sale. Stay tuned for more on what has the potential to be a real classic in the horror genre. For more on the original Slender, read our feature.

Source: Eurogamer