Way Of The Samurai 4 Gets New DLC

by Bryan Vore on Sep 19, 2012 at 12:10 PM

Fans of the PS3 exclusive won't have to wait. Xseed has released all of the Way of the Samurai 4 in one big blast. All of the following DLC is available now on PlayStation Network.

Where Are They Now? ($4.99)
-A new mission and new playable characters from the first two Way of the Samurai games (Dona Dona and Sayo)

Shinsengumi ($4.99)
-A new mission that unlocks "one of the most famous members of the legendary Shinsengumi group"

Three different rare weapons packs ($2.99 each)

Mineral Pack ($0.99)
-"will allow players to construct powerful and durable weapons"

Scrolls Set ($0.99)
-new attacks

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